aaiAndroid App Installer. A small GUI tool for installing android apps to a device ...14 months
assemblySamples programs written in assembly with NASM14 months
csapiThe API of a school project. Captain Shop is an app helping you consume better16 months
discord-bot-jsA NodeJS discord Bot to play music16 months
engineA small C++ game / game engine14 months
ghostA Unix style shell written in C++16 months
gomlA tiny html template engine for Golang18 months
hibookAn Android application to list books18 months
lycarteAn Android application for SRS learning18 months
ormA PHP ORM16 months
pongAn iOS Pong game16 months
shellA Unix style shell written in C18 months
slikeAn Android Slack like application16 months
spacevoidA PHP blog system. Initially used to create a blog about space.16 months
sudokuA sudoku grid solver using using a backtracking algorithm. Written in Go.16 months
hertzA discord music bot written with Golang18 months
websitePersonal website12 months